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Recently I've somehow managed to restrain myself and go shopping without actually buying anything, a Christmas miracle indeed!

Having said that, I have been very tempted by a few things I've seen around recently that might be making their way on to my Christmas list.

1. The Nars Sheer Glow foundation seems to be popular amongst many in the beauty blogging and vlogging world. I've been trying to find a new foundation that will give me natural but even coverage and I feel like this could be the one. There have been some very good reviews about Sheer Glow so I'd love to give it a try.

2. Clarins Facial Cleansing Duo. Over the Summer my Mum started using these again and instantly the scent took me back to my childhood, as she has used Clarins for as long as I can remember and even claims to have cleared up skin problems my brother had as a baby using the cleansing milk in this set. Whenever I have pinched some of my Mum's, I've found these to be a very calming and gentle way of removing makeup and cleansing the skin.

3. Body Shop Body Butter in Satsuma. This is one of the most delicious body butters I have ever smelt; not for those who don't like heavily scented products though because this really is noticeable. I used this over the Summer last year but came across it again when having a nosey at some of the Body Shop's Christmas gifts. A very powerful citrus scent that's so refreshing.

4. House of Holland by Elegant Touch false nails. These caught my eye in Boots the other day and the temptation to pick up a packet was almost too much. I particularly fell for the Geek Chic design. If you're not feeling daring enough to wear all 10 at once, put one on your ring finger perhaps and paint the rest of your nails one colour for something a little different. Great stocking fillers as well for £8.

What's on your beauty wishlist this month?