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Considering how often I paint my nails I figured it made sense to (attempt to) start a weekly post on it. I say attempt because I seem to be terrible with continuity when it comes to writing posts. However I promise I will try my hardest to keep up with this!

Mani Monday will just be my weekly nail post to give you inspiration for nail designs and trends or simply a new colour that I'm liking.

This week is a colour that may very well be my favourite autumn nail polish (so far...). It's Barry M's Raspberry, a rich purple red that screams classic autumn nails to me. This is definitely one of my 'classier' colours, a much more elegant look than sparkles and neons (oh so fun though). It's a pretty versatile colour and just a slight change from the usual autumn/winter red with the purple/pink hues.

The quality of Barry M nail polishes is superb; I usually find they can last me a week with very few chips and even without a top coat leave a glossy finish. For £2.99 I'm constantly drawn back to these, which is why they will make frequent appearances on my blog!

What are some of your favourite autumn nail colours?


  1. Very pretty fall polish! Reminds me of OPI From A To Zurich xx
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Never tried that one before, I love OPI polishes though maybe I need to have a little look! X