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So far so good on the weekly Mani Monday posts...

This week I couldn't resist a bit of sparkle after having picked up this Bourjois 1 Seconde polish in Enchanting Potion. The gel texture of these makes them super glossy, with or without a top coat. I painted one finger on each hand in this and did the rest in Rimmel's Mary Mary Quite Contrary, a very pale lilac which I think suits all seasons.

I am a little disappointed that the Bourjois polish didn't turn out as olivey-green as it looks in the bottle - in reality it looks more golden on first glance, though it is very pretty nonetheless.

Any polishes you'd recommend for me to try?


  1. that combo looks really nice even if the bourjois polish wasn't the colour that you wanted it to be!thanks for your helpful comment on my blog lovely!:)I'm now following your blog:)x

    1. Thanks! I guess you can't go too wrong with glitter haha. No worries, hope it's helpful. Love your posts I have such a nail polish addiction and it's now getting worse! Thank you for the follow :)