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I am constantly going back and forth in my mind between wanting bright, bubbly and all over bleached blonde hair, to feeling as though I should tone it down and veer towards a more natural shade. In the end, I usually decide to just keep going blonder because I know I'd miss it far too much (plus the fact that I'm gradually accepting I don't have that beautiful olive skin tone that compliments darker shades so well, boo). Having lighter hair does mean that it requires a little more care however, and after about 6/7 years of highlights and dyes, I need to make sure I'm giving my hair all the care it needs to stay healthy and to look its best.

Coloured hair will of course fade after so long, but there are ways of keeping your colour looking its most vibrant for as long as possible. Using a sulphate-free shampoo will not only protect your colour, but can also help reduce dryness and generally keep hair healthier. Sulphates are simply chemicals found in many cleaning products, including in shampoos where they help create that thick lather you might associate with having clean hair, though they aren't actually necessary for this task and can leave you with an irritated scalp, split-ends and dry hair, amongst other problems. L'Oréal Paris were one of the first to introduce sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners to highstreet stores, meaning you don't have to spend a fortune to look after your hair. I've been using the Hair Expertise Ever Pure Shampoo (Colour Care & Volume) for around 2 months now and my hair feels in much better condition since. The colour hasn't faded, or at least not as noticeably and fast as usual, so I'd definitely give this a try if you're looking for some coloured hair care.

We've all heard about purple and silver shampoos and conditioners, however I've never been able to find any on the highstreet. A month or so ago I came across the John Frieda Colour Renew Tone-Correcting Conditioner and immediately picked this up (I'm sure this has actually been around for a while I've just never found it). It's a purple conditioner, the purple aiming to neutralise brassiness for a better looking and longer-lasting blonde. As far as I can tell this has worked really well on my hair - I actually bleached the ends a month ago and haven't noticed and brassy-looking tones at all. I use this about twice a week, combing it all through my hair using my fingers before washing it out.

I like to let my hair dry naturally for as long as possible so I can avoid using too much heat. I find it's best to use any products you intend on putting in your hair when it's damp or nearly dry - if the hair is soaking, the products can become over saturated and I find them to be less effective. Firstly I take a pump or two of the L'Oréal Paris Elvive Smooth & Polish Aqua Serum and run this through my hair, root to tip to combat any frizziness and fly-aways. After that, I spray the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray all over my hair, particularly focusing on the ends. I've mentioned both of these products in my last two favourites posts where you can read more on them if you wish.

Lastly, I've been using a new product I found hiding in the shelves of Superdrug. It's the Samy Fat Hair Lightweight Thickening Creme. This was only £2.94 so I thought I may as well give it a try as I've been wanting something like this to give my hair a little more of a boost. For such a small price tag I think this is a fantastic product. I don't use this near my roots as I found it made my hair feel much greasier much faster, however I've found that a small blob combed through the length of my hair using my fingers has made a noticeable difference and given some more body to my previously lifeless locks.

That's pretty much the extent of my hair care routine at the moment - let me know what your thoughts are on sulphate-free shampoos and what your experience is with them!