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Today's weekly manicure post is no way near as festive as I had wanted it to be to celebrate the arrival of December, however I thought I'd maybe save the Christmasy designs for the next few weeks.

Instead I chose something really simple, but by no means boring because it once again involves glitter (sorry). I applied two coats of black polish, this one is Barry M's rather aptly named Black, then generously slapped on a coat of Model's Own's Dancing Queen - this polish just contains a load of chunky glitter with green, gold and some blues. It feels really 'retro space' to me, like some kind of futuristic 80s throwback design with the geometric patterns of the glitter.

P.S. The lack of top coat is driving me mad - apologies! My Seche Vite has become a gloopy mess in the last week. Any cheaper alternative suggestions would be hugely appreciated.