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Exam preparation almost caused me to forget this week's Mani Monday post, so I do apologise for this being a late one.

This week I'm trying out the Nailene Full Cover Nails in Petite Square. I have never ever worn any type of false nail, I've not even dabbled in Shellac, so this was quite a big step for me. I wanted to try these out to see if I could get my nails looking tidier and more even, as it seems no matter how much buffing, clipping and filing I do, my natural nails always look messy and unkempt.

This set cost £8/£9 from Boots and contains 200 different sized false nails. It also includes a small file so that you can adjust the length/shape of the nail accordingly, and some glue to attach the nails. The kit itself is also very practical as it clips shut so nothing will fall out of place.

I will be totally honest here; somehow on my first attempt at sticking these on, I managed to stick the false nail half way up my actual thumb nail, leaving me with a rather awkward looking talon (I never said I was a pro). This actually gave me a perfect opportunity to see how much effort it would take to remove the falsies without having ten grown-out claws to deal with. I soaked the nail in acetone polish remover for about 20 minutes in total, before gently starting to nudge the remains away with an orange wood stick, followed by a few firm sweeps of a cotton ball soaked in polish remover. I managed to get it off relatively easily and there was no real damage to the nail underneath (of course, it had only been stuck on for about 20 seconds so there wasn't much time for total destruction to be caused).

For the nails themselves, I'm really pleased with how these look. There's nothing 'fake' about them and anyone I've asked can't actually tell that they're not my own nails, which is the result I wanted. I've inserted a picture of how these look before polish so you can get an idea of how well they blend in with my natural nails. After polish, however, they look even better; without a top coat they already have a really sleek glossy finish, but I used my Seche Vite to give even more sheen. I used Barry M's Peach Melba, which is actually very similar to L'OrĂ©al Paris' Colour Riche in Sex on the Peach (picture of this shade in this blog post) though slightly cheaper and maybe a tad more salmon coloured.

I also picked up one of the new Essie polishes from their Winter/Christmas collection called Set in Stones. This is such a pretty glitter polish to use this time of year especially, and I particularly love using glitter on an accent nail for a teeny bit of something different.

Do you wear false nails/ would you ever try them? Let me know!