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Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, and whilst I'm sure you won't need reminding of this, a little reminder certainly would've helped me out this year. I'm not entirely certain of how, but it's almost 2014! And I for one was not prepared for the arrival of another year. I popped into town today for a rummage through what was left of the sales for any potential bargains and found a gorgeous jumpsuit in Zara that I will be wearing tomorrow evening. Along with this, I of course had to pick up a new nail polish...

Originally, I would've probably stuck to deep purple/red to go along with my rather gothic looking jumpsuit, however after seeing this Topshop polish featured on the nails of my dear cousin (and originally declaring I did not need another nail polish in the collection I'm currently almost drowning in) I figured there would be no better time to wear a holographic nail paint than New Year's!

The reason I really had to pick it up was because the holographic print really does look pretty jazzy, whilst most I've seen just seem sort of lack-lustre and metallic. The shade is 'Wistful' and is a sweet purpley-pink with a classic rainbow type holograph.

Once again I'm wearing my Nailene false nails, however painted the nails prior to applying them this time, which has made them look much neater and more professional. Definitely pleased with my New Year's nails!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2014!