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Just a quick post today as I'm once again consumed by revision and essays, oh the fun of the new year!

One of my first posts on this blog was 'Nearly Naked Nails', which you can read here. This is basically the nail look I go for when I can't be bothered with anything over the top, but also don't have the time for a full French manicure; maybe I should rename this the Lazy Girl's French Manicure?

I've used Essie's Ballet Slippers, though I sometimes switch this out with Mademoiselle which is slightly more pink. My nails just look tidier and more aesthetically pleasing than if I'd left them totally naked, and as it's only a very natural colour I don't have to worry about applying this perfectly.

The other great thing about nearly naked nails is that they will look fantastic with pretty much anything you wear and you'll always look prim and polished.

Hope your first week of 2014 has been a good one (and that you've not broken your resolutions yet)!


  1. love your photos and editing! this is a gorgeous nail polish, essie is certainly the best :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

    1. Thanks very much! Still trying to get used to a new camera which may take some time! Forget how much I love Essie sometimes as I only have a few, but they're fantastic quality x