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Recently I seem to have been MIA from the blogging world as I've had to make way for essays and exams, because what could make a better start to the year than hours of revision and library time? My face also decided to take a break from makeup, not that it had much say in the matter, as one of my New Year's Resolutions was to cut back on makeup on a day-to-day basis; frankly I'd much rather savour an extra 20 minutes in bed every morning.

So of course this evening I was having makeup withdrawal symptoms (and had fallen into a deep spell of procrastination) and decided to have a play around with some eyeshadows.

For a base, I used Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Eternal Silver all over the lid; it's a very rich metallic silver that gives more of a sheen to the overall look and seems a little rough around the edges which I like as it makes it less polished. Over the top I dabbed on Creep from the Naked Palette all over the lid and slightly under the lower lash line. With such an intense colour, a little goes a long way and a blending brush is the best tool to have on hand; this way you can create a smoky eye that gradually fades out, rather than going OTT with racoon eyes.

Nude lips are pretty much the only way I could think to finish off such a dramatic eye look, anything else would be too in your face - this is when we begin to cross the line towards drag queen, all it takes the wrong lip colour.

I don't think the last picture does the look much justice but thought it might give a better idea as to what's going on on the lids. Hope you like this look and will try it out for yourself!