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It kind of goes without saying that I've been a little quiet on the blogging front over the last eight or nine months, and I'm sure many of you will understand how easy it is to keep putting something off until it reaches a point where getting back to it seems impossible.

However, I've missed blogging. I've missed sitting down at my laptop and taking the time to come up with new blog posts, take and edit pictures and generally run and maintain a blog.

Since my last post in January, a lot of life has happened up to this point. I've taken two sets of exams, been skiing, finished my second year of university, been to Tomorrowland, spent most of my summer working at a bar, been to Creamfields and somehow now ended up living in the South of France one month into my year abroad. Life has happened and it has happened very quickly.

One of the reasons I've found myself blogging less frequently is because I only like to write about something that really interests me, and whilst I'm still very much into all things beauty, I've been less inspired to write beauty related posts and the last thing I want to do is churn out some meaningless blog post that isn't of much interest to anyone.

So with that in mind, I've decided to start writing a few different blog posts about things that are interesting me generally, and perhaps someone out there reading it might find it interesting too.

For today, I will end here with a pretty little snapshot of the view from my new bedroom - the sky at sunset here never fails to surprise me and I think it's so beautiful.