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When it comes to moisturisers, I have not been very faithful. I feel as though I've tried more moisturisers in the last two years than Boots actually has to offer. But this quest for hydrated skin has lead me to (what I believe is) a bit of a cult beauty product, Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser. I actually received this as a Christmas present from my little brother (who apparently has great taste in skincare) and was very excited to give it a try.

For just under a month now I've been using this every morning after cleansing and before applying my makeup and it has been a welcome change to my skincare routine. As this is oil-free there's no greasy residue left on the skin, and whilst it is absorbed pretty quickly it still does a wonderful job of hydrating, making it a perfect base for makeup. I love that this is so lightweight as well, it's exactly what I need from a daily moisturiser; anything too creamy or heavy should usually be avoided (depending on your skin type) as it will sit on the surface of the skin much longer, leaving you looking oily or allowing your makeup to slide around much easier. Another added bonus is the wonderfully zingy scent, a definite pick-me-up for early mornings.

With regards to the 'vibrant glow' Origins promise with this moisturiser, I don't necessarily feel as though my skin is 'glowing' with radiance after applying this, though it does leave a slightly dewy finish (if any) which perhaps makes it more appealing to those wanting to go for a more natural base.

Overall I would say this is worth the money, particularly for those with combination/oily skin who find it a struggle to find a lightweight moisturiser that still provides hydration - there aren't many cheaper alternatives that I know of that can offer the same results.

Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser (£23)