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I posted one of these a while back now, however I recently removed a lot of my older posts to make way for some shiny new ones, so I thought I may as well do an updated version featuring my beautiful new makeup bag (H&M, for the curious).

1. My number one item in here is my lip balm. I am a self-proclaimed lip balm Queen and will therefore always have one to hand. I'm currently using the Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm (the stick version of its rather famous sibling). I find stick lip balms are super handy and generally more hygienic when out and about, and the formula of this one is very nourishing which makes it one of my absolute favourite lip products.

2. In all honesty I'm not crazy about this Nars Concealer. It gets the job done but with quite light coverage, so it's not great for dark circles and spots - I usually use this for highlighting large areas of my face, however it's really just in here because I need a concealer and this needs using up!

3. I like to carry a perfume or spray with me just to freshen up when I feel like it. I've always been a big fan of Zara perfumes as they're very inexpensive and you can get cute smaller bottles such as this one (Zara Woman, Special Edition) or even rollerballs which are even more practical.

4. This Laura Mercier mascara is a lovely size for carrying around and on-the-go touch ups. I have to say, my main touch up spots are usually lips and lashes, so this probably comes in second to my lip balm as a must-have in my makeup bag.

5. I tend to use a touch of the YSL Touche Éclat on my lips if they're looking a little red, as it tones the colour down to a more natural nudey/pink which I prefer for in the day. Whilst I do use this as a highlighter when applying my makeup, this is really the main reason I carry it around with me.

6. These are my go-to lipsticks: MAC 'Hue' and Topshop Lips in 'Nevada'. Both are nudes with great pigmentation, however 'Hue' has a little more pink in it. I switch these two out day by day so they're both in here.

7. I've been using both of these L'Oréal Paris products for a few years now. The eyeliner is Le Smoky in 'Brown Fusion' and this this is featured around my eyeballs every single day. I keep it in here for the occasional touch-up though I rarely find I need to. The other long-loved product is the Brow Artist pencil (I'm not sure exactly which shade, though I believe it's the lightest one). Again I rarely find I need to do brow touch-ups but it's there for if I need to.

8. My last three products are all tools. I keep this No7 brow brush in here for obvious brow-related reasons. The tweezers I feel are just in there because you never know when you're gonna need a pair of tweezers..? And the hair grips are for Nancy Drew style lock-picking purposes. Occasionally also for pinning back hair.