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Yet another nude palette has made its way onto the drugstore scene, this time from affordable brand Collection. As soon as I saw this I picked it up, partly because it was only £3.99, but also because I'd love to find a more portable neutral palette that has all the colours I need to create an everyday look and doesn't take up all the room in my makeup bag when travelling (something I've been doing far too much of recently). Also, after my Naked 3 palette broke and sparkly purple eyeshadow started exploding everywhere anytime I took it for an outing, I thought it was time to move onto something a little more practical.

So of course I was already hooked in with such a low price tag - this is what I love about current drugstore makeup brands, they seem to be really upping their game to compete with the higher end makes now to bring affordable but good quality products to anyone who wants to give them a try. I believe there are actually three different palettes (Nude, Nude Grey and Nude Bronze) though my Superdrug only stocked the first two, so I picked up the 'Nude' Palette as I felt it was best suited to what I was looking for.

First impressions are that the packaging is simple, definitely feels quite cheap (but hardly a problem for the price tag) but a nice size and weight if you want to be able to carry this in your makeup bag. Five of the six colours have a little shimmer in them but nothing super sparkly which makes this a great everyday palette. Espresso is the only matte shade (first thought is that this could be a great liner colour for a smokey nude look).


You have three light and three darker shades, which means you can be quite versatile with the looks you create, particularly with adding a darker crease for a slightly more dramatic look. The main four (central) colours aren't drastically different from one another, however I actually like this as you have a good selection of colours that are going to work well together, rather than 6 totally different shades that don't necessarily compliment one another and require more blending.

Of course, comparisons are always going to be made between pretty much every nude palette that becomes available from a lower-end brand and the Urban Decay Naked palettes, and fair enough, because if you can find something that does the same job for a fraction of the price then is there even any competition? Having said that, the only colour in this palette that I would say acts as a dupe for any of the Naked palettes is 'White Chocolate' which would be a match for 'Strange' from Naked 3 (maybe also 'Buttercream' with Naked's 'Virgin'). But don't expect the same results just because the shades are a match. The Naked palettes are expensive but that's down to the fact they are fantastic shadows, well pigmented with great payoff. Whilst these definitely don't offer the same colour payoff they do still apply very smoothly and with a soft finish. For more intensity you would just need to build the colour up gradually, but for neutral looks I don't imagine you'd want to build up too much anyway.

The main problem I had with these is that I did find that they creased quite a lot after a couple of hours, however when using an eyeshadow primer underneath this problem pretty much completely went away.

Overall I'm definitely impressed by this palette. For £3.99 you get six good quality neutral shadows that I know I personally will be able to rely on for most everyday looks.