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Today I bring you the second of my 'Skincare' posts. I don't think I explained this in my previous post, but I'm hoping to show you the products I use as part of my skincare routine, and rather than doing one long post telling you about everything, I wanted to dedicate a post to each product so that I can go into a little more detail without going on for too long.

Finding a good exfoliator is very important to me as it's an essential part of my skincare routine that can help to remove blackheads, unclog my pores and help keep my skin feeling smooth and clean. I say 'can' because I've tried and tested many exfoliators in the past that fulfil none of these criteria and are just a complete waste of money. Whilst I have tried some pricier scrubs (such as the Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream) that do work a treat, I was on the hunt recently to find something slightly more affordable that could do the same job.

As you'll see in some later posts, I've been using quite a few products from German skincare line Eucerin, the most recent of which is this scrub from their DermoPurifyer range. This is an oil-free scrub that claims to unclog pores and refine skin texture to reduce blackheads and blemishes, leaving the skin "noticeably clearer, smoother and visibly refined".

I was surprised when first using this to notice that it did actually contain those gritty little bits that really do feel as though they are scrubbing away any dirt and dead skin. From just looking at the product in its packaging I thought it might only contain microbeads which never get the job done for me. It is, however, still quite a gentle scrub with a gel-like consistency that feels quite hydrating on application which, as it's oil-free, is reassuring as it doesn't feel like the skin is being totally stripped of any traces of moisture.

After rinsing this off, my skin definitely felt much smoother around the areas where my pores are slightly larger and the skin tends to feel rougher. It also worked fairly well on removing the blackheads that I find are particularly prominent on my nose (this is something I always look for in a successful exfoliator/scrub). I applied a good moisturiser after using this and my skin felt very fresh, smooth and clean, so I'd say that this definitely does live up to its claims.

If you've not tried any Eucerin products before, I would definitely recommend giving some a try as they aren't too expensive (in between low and high end, usually found amongst brands such as La Roche-Posay and Avène) and are also very simple (nothing too fancy but do what you need them to).