Christmas Wish List | The Fashion One

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Every year I find myself somehow surprised that December has come around once again (as if I don't have 11 months to prepare myself for this fact either) and suddenly everyone's asking me what I want for Christmas. Whilst I'd ideally like an additional month in the year to finish my essays, a first class degree and a graduate job secured for the summer, it's always handy to have a few more practical suggestions.

The first of my Christmas wish lists is clothes/fashion stuffs, and I'll be compiling all of the beauty bits in another post. Now this isn't in fact my exact Christmas list, because goodness knows who would be funding all of this, but these are some things I have my eye on and a few other pieces that would be on my dream list.

I've been wanting some knee high boots for a while now but can't bring myself to splurge on any and if life up to this point has taught me anything it's don't buy cheap shitty boots, it's not worth it. These ASOS boots are a dream, just look at that mighty heel; I should be pretty content stepping into the New Year in these.

Croc print is calling me at the moment and I love this mock croc city bag from Zara. I'm in desperate need of a new everyday handbag as mine is practically falling to pieces. This also comes with a shoulder strap and seems very study, which is exactly what I need if it's going to keep up with my recklessness. 

This is really basic of me but I won't even apologise because Calvin Klein underwear is also super comfy and I am queen of loungewear. For the days when I've got no time to be dealing with clasps and swizzling bras around from back to front, and for when I want to feel tumblr cool even though I'm never going to be posting pictures of myself in my underwear online.

Faux fur coats have obviously been everywhere this Autumn and some of my favourites have been the brighter coloured ones. This ASOS one is fun and sassy, definite 70s vibe but wearable as well.
UGH. I don't know what folks call this colour, yellow, green, boogies. Whatever name it goes by I'm so drawn to it, and I love the embossed spine detail on this card holder. I've loved the idea of a card holder for some time for when im just nipping out and only need my cards/ID, and Alexander McQueen have some v cool classic skull designs, but this one is so very cool and a good-weird take on the classic, I just can't even [omg].

Holy molasses what a fine looking lady this is, here's hoping Santa's feeling stylish and generous this year. This is an obvious dream item, but so so wonderful. The things I would do. THE THINGS I WOULD DO.

My current Primark leather jacket is still just about holding up, but I could definitely do with something much sturdier. All Saints' leather jackets are definitely some of my favourites on the high street, though that price tag is still much more than I could afford...

I don't buy many scarves for myself so as much of a cliché it might be to receive one for Christmas this is something I'd really like. Zara always seem to have a great range of classic scarf styles for Autumn/Winter; this one is really simple but super soft and I love the grey/cream colour.

Despite the fact that I know I wear too much black I'm not planning on changing this anytime soon. Shirt dresses are so easy-cool and I love the simple style of this one. I'm a lover of basics and classics, so this would be a welcome arrival into my wardrobe.