Life Vie Vida etc.

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Welcome back wonderful internet readers. I can no longer excuse my sporadic posts on this blog, maybe I'll just accept it as a part of how I run it; the last 8 months have been chaotic to say the least, and when I moved to Montpellier in February to start the second half of my year abroad in France, I was determined to make it work and focused all my attention on that, so once again my blog got ignored. I've mentioned before that I only like to post content that I think is worth posting, something that I would want to read myself, so I can't bring myself to do a half-arsed job of writing things.

Since I've been back at university for my final year, I've also been studying like crazy, and I'm determined not to let this year pass by me and leave me full of regrets about how much effort I put in. Despite this, I'm trying to multitask; I don't believe it should have to be an eggs in one basket situation and I hope that my blog can continue to be a creative outlet for me and something I can be proud of.

So where am I now? Well, despite not posting on here for some time, I always have ideas for new posts, so I'll be uploading again gradually, but hopefully at least a few times a month. I'll be uploading some fashion posts as well - I buy enough stuff so I may as well show it off and make it worth while (the Zara box featured in this post was one of several new purchases last month, funded by the very very late arrival of the remainder of my Erasmus grant, hallelujah).

Keep your eyes peeled as my mum would say, there'll definitely be more here soon.

S x