What's in my Uni Bag?

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Now that I've settled back into uni life after a year away, I've somewhat refined the contents of my bag so that I have all my essentials with me and am fully prepared for long days of seminars and library time. I love being organised so I try to keep it limited to essentials and may leave certain bits and pieces behind if I know I won't need them, but these are the general items that join me for a day at uni.

The bag in question is a faux-leather backpack I recently bought from Zara to replace my slightly worn and torn mi backpack so that I have something a little more stylish for uni; no longer could I stand the disappointment of putting together jazzy outfits only for them to be soiled by my sad looking bag.

As much as I hate lugging around my laptop, it usually ends up joining me most days at uni because I do so much of my work on here, I also have a lot of online text books so I switch between this and my iPad to read those. Of course I also have my phone on me, but my poor iPhone 4 is getting a little sluggish and runs down on battery very quickly, so I bring my portable charger with me as well; I'd definitely recommend this one by Incase that's meant to provide 2 full charges from 0%, though it always seems to last me much longer.

As much as I find it easier to write most things down on my laptop, I prefer writing some things down by hand. I bring my diary to note down basic deets like appointments, meetings and deadlines and my Moleskine planner to write down things I need to do each day - I'm a very visual person so I find writing everything down like this helps keep me organised! I also have my notebook to write any other reminders or larger to-do lists. For any other seminar notes that I don't take on my laptop, I have an A4 pad of paper - a basic uni/school essential!

Other essential bits and pieces I carry around are my pencil case (mostly filled with run-out biros and an assortment of coloured pens for writing beautiful seminar notes), my water bottle, and a lip balm, because hell is finally finding a seat in the library for your all-day study session and feeling your dry lips cracking with knowing there's nothing you can do to rescue them. I also have a flat A4 folder that I can clip any stray bits of paper or relevant notes for the day's classes into, which is much more practical than bringing large binders to every lecture and seminar. Other books and random bits of course creep into my bag as and when I need them, but this is, on the whole, what's in my uni bag.

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