Christmas Wish List | The Beauty One

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In the last few years I've definitely slowed my spending down on beauty items, only buying when I really need to and not experimenting with as many new products, so I definitely have a few things in mind that I'd like to get my hands on. Following from my fashion Christmas wish list earlier this week here is 'The Beauty One', a couple of things on my Christmas beauty wish list.

Somewhat ironically Origins' stress relief face mask is in fact one of their priciest, so it's a good thing you'll have it to hand once you've bought it to help you come to terms with the fact you spent £30 on a face mask (that being said, if someone else is buying you this for Christmas then problem solved). I have very little to no chill so I need all the relaxing/de-stressing products I can get my hands on to help me mellow out a bit, and as I don't have a bath in my flat I try and find other ways to relax, so face masks are a fun little way for me to treat myself and have some much-needed Saz time.

Ever since Charlotte Tilbury released her make-up line I've been dying to get my hands on one of the eye palettes; the colour selection in each looks so well thought out with beautiful colours that complement each other to create some super sassy looks. This is 'The Vintage Vamp' palette which features some very luscious looking cranberry reds and some mandatory Christmas sparkle which I'd be most pleased to sport upon my eyelids this winter.

This year I matured into a 21 year old. That's a big deal because it means I have to do adult things now like vote and pay bills and eat the apricot jam tart in the Mr Kipling's jam tarts even though everyone knows it's the worst but you can't leave it anymore cos otherwise who'll eat it? So to go along with my mature adult life I feel I need a mature adult make-up bag for when I'm travelling around and transporting my make-up with me in a mature way. Surprisingly, kooky and creative company Skinny Dip are behind this simple, structured leather wash bag which looks to perfectly fulfil my make-up bag requirements.

Touche Éclat is a cult classic, I haven't owned this in some time but after pinching some of my mum's the other day I remembered why I love this so much. My tired student eyes need some brightening so this would be a welcome treat to stop me looking like death's PA every time I enter into cruel, revealing daylight.

Because my eyes really are that tired, I think they need all the help they can get. I'm a big fan of the Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser (see my post from earlier this year for more on this) so I'm keen to try their Refreshing Eye Cream to see if it really is possible to reverse the unforgiving effects of 2am library sessions and annotated bibliographies. Ew.

As a recovering nail polish addict, I'm unsure this is a wise idea (I finally cleared out my collection this year and had a large cull of no longer usable polishes) however I've never tried any of the WAH nail polishes and this one looks like a fun time, plus the name is a barrel of laughs.

It just isn't Christmas without a Clarins skin care item on the list (how sad am I?). I had a sample size of this Pure Melt Cleansing Gel a few years back and it's the sexiest skin care product I've ever used; this stuff literally melts as you massage it into your skin, but rather than leaving your face feeling oily and gross, it washes off as a milk and leaves your skin feeling super gorge (it also smells like flowers, mmm).

Another trip down memory lane, I used to wear Gucci by Gucci when I was about 17, and though I rarely like having the same perfume twice (because there are too many options out there to do this, really) this is one perfume that I really enjoyed wearing as an everyday scent or for the evening, plus, it's always nice to receive perfumes for Christmas, no?

The final product on my list is this Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in the shade Red Carpet Red , because is it even Christmas if you don't paint your lips the colour of festivity and cheer? I rarely buy lipstick and if I do it's usually just nude colours, so a bold, classic red would fit nicely into my makeup drawers. This also looks like the fanciest lipstick I could ever own, so that would also help me out on that mature adult image I'm trying so hard to push.